“Not only has William Shane Nolen lived in this precinct his entire life, but he generally and truly cares for people. I have seen how dedicated he is and have seen the long hours he puts in to be fully informed and knowledgeable in all of his client’s cases.”
— Amy Aldredge

“I know William to be thorough in his work, extremely capable in his legal practice, and caring to those who cross his path. He has always gone above and beyond not just for his friend but for his clients and for Tarrant County citizens.”
— Graham Mathenia

“William Shane Nolen is a man of utmost integrity and character. He has proven over the years to be a strong advocate for the people of Tarrant County, and, as such, he has helped so many people. He is an outstanding attorney and has superb knowledge of the judicial system.”
— Bill Rivers

“William Shane Nolen will always uphold our constitutional rights! He is a good, decent, and fair man. I have no doubts nor concerns that William will work for and serve the people of Tarrant County in a fair manner and according to the Law.”
— Angela Cox

“I have seen William Shane Nolen in various professional capacities and ascertain that he is quite adept within many areas of the law — standing up for those that need help and standing up against those that hurt others. His ability to see both sides, yet never bend or question the law, will make him an outstanding Justice of the Peace.”
— Sonya McNeely

“My father, George S. Kredell, served several terms as a Tarrant County district court judge. William Shane Nolen has the same traits of dedication to the law and unwavering service to the citizens of Texas as my father did. I could not thing of a more worthy candidate for Justice of the Peace.”
— MSgt Matthew Kredell

“I have known William Shane Nolen for several years, and I have found him to be an honest, caring, and just man. He is dedicated to his family, to his occupation, and to his community; his commitment in these areas makes him an excellent candidate for Justice of the Peace.”
— Les Harp

“In watching William Shane Nolen grow up, I’ve always seen him as a remarkable man who follows a strict code of conduct that has set him apart from the rest. He has always displayed integrity, respect, honor and uncompromising moral standards.”
— Raymond Lipinski

“I have known William Shane Nolen for over 24 years. I can’t think of a more worthy candidate for Justice of the Peace as he is highly suited for this position — extremely qualified, highly educated, truly experienced, and well respected in his profession and in the community.”
— Angela Stidham

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